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Turnkey, customizable, white label
 Mobility Solutions


Near real time pool optimisation
Demand collection API
First & Last mile soltution
Cost centre based billing for corporations


Turnkey, customisable, white label
Free float or station based or delivered
Dispatch management for delivery to customer
Demand forecasting for increased utilisation

We are aware that there is no one solution that fits all when it comes to mobility. Every city,
culture, corporation has its own dynamics, requirements, infrastructure and existing mixture
of transportation offerings.
That’s why we analyze, customize, launch and support growth for our partner’s local

mobility offerings.
We are beyond conceptual, mobility solutions on our platform manage over 15M rides per
year, 5000 shared vehicles serving over 100.000 registered customers.


About Us

Founded in 2005, Vektor Mobility is a Technology and Solutions Provider for New and Innovative Mobility Concepts like Car Sharing and Ride Pooling.  Vektor builds upon over 13 years of experience in telematics and fleet management and have been focusing on new mobility solutions since 2014 with the launch of its connected car products geared towards end users, developed for OEMs like Renault Porsche Holding and VW.


Our development team of new mobility solutions is based in Istanbul, a great mobility lab, a city with 17M inhabitants, excessive traffic and limited public transport, with existing privately run shared mobility solutions that evolved over time to compensate for the lack of public transport.  Our solutions are engineered and tested and fine-tuned in this playground, digitalizing existing shared shuttle services to improve the operation and expand the market reach. This approach enables us to test our solutions in real life with not just few demo runs, but with thousands of vehicles from day one.  Our proven solutions enable our customers (usually OEMs, car rental companies, transportation service providers) to launch mobility services quickly, operate efficiently, and scale over time. Mobility solutions powered by Vektor Mobility Platform currently processes over 15M rides per year through over 5000 shared vehicles.  


Kerem Tiryakioğlu


Kerem Tiryakioglu is the founder and CEO of Vektor. Kerem has been in telematics and mobility scene since 2005 when he founded Vektor Mobility. Prior to Vektor he worked as a management consultant for Bain & Company. He holds a B.S degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor Economics from the Johns Hopkins University in 1999.

Bulut Toprak


Burak Ulutoprak is the CTO of Vektor. He entered the mobility scene as the CTO of Vektor Mobility in 2014. Prior to Vektor he worked as the chief architect in finance, defense and BPM AI companies. He holds a BS in Computer Science from ODTU.