Technology for innovative mobility solutions.
Getting from A to B will never be the same again.

We provide turnkey mobility solution deployments customized to your requirements.

Our proven product portfolio can assist you to manage all your corporate mobility requirements through a single platform.

Built upon our 15 years of telematics and fleet management experience, our proven platform powers core new mobility solutions.

Car Sharing
Ride Sharing and Pooling
First Mile, Last Mile
Connected Car
Fleet Management
Car Sharing

· Free float or station based 
· Integrated automated dispatching 
· Demand based relocation for increased utilization 
· Turnkey, customizable, white label solution!

EcoDriving and driving behavior analysis
Over 10 years of data analysis experience covering passenger, light commercial vehicles as well as trucks.
Our Partners

We provide turnkey mobility solution deployments customized to your requirements.

Our Approach

We are aware that there is no one solution that fits all when it comes to mobility. Every city, culture, corporation has its own dynamics, requirements, infrastructure and existing mixture of transportation offerings. That’s why built upon our 15 years of technical and commercial experience in the field we analyze, consult, customize, launch and support the growth of our partner’s local and global mobility offerings.

Successful businesses know the importance of building and maintaining good working relationships, whether it is with partners, employees.
Powering the largest car sharing offering by fleet size in a single city in Europe
Enabling Flexigo to manage 40k+ shared rides per day
Blending connected and conventional car services to improve the experience of car ownership
Mobility as a Service

Manage your team’s mobility requirements from the moment they leave their homes until they get back through a single platform:

Shared shuttle rides for commuting reduce cost while increasing comfort.

Manage the lifecycle of owned, leased vehicles

Reduce the fleet size by offering fully digital corporate car sharing

Ingredients for success in mobility
Great Customer Experience
Great Customer Experience
While you need to provide a great user experience through the mobile application, the system with all its components needs to be robust and reliable to ensure a perfect experience each and every time.
High Fleet Utilization
High Fleet Utilization
Fleet size and its distribution must be fine-tuned continuously by analyzing the location and user based demand, and any changed must be streamlined all the way to your field force.
Extended Offering
Extended Offering
Being able to offer other mobility solutions through the same platform enables you to increase revenue and improve fleet utilization. We make sure all modules are configured the right way to accommodate the needs of your market and audience.