Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Regardless of how they are used, dedicated or shared, your fleet’s life cycle must be managed properly to minimize the cost of ownership.

Vehicles dedicated to users must be closely monitored with telematics systems to optimize their usage and operational efficiency.

We believe in exception monitoring as you should not be dedicating resource to keep track of your fleet in real time if everything is going as planned.

From logistics to cold chain operations, we have the tools and reports to ensure you get the most out of your fleet.

Fleet lifecycle management and visibility

  • Document management
  • Event reminders for maintenance, insurance, lease payments, etc…
  • Locate and monitor on licensed digital maps and satellite images
  • Driver identification
  • Geofencing, arrival and departure alerts
  • Zone and driver based reports
  • Event based exception monitoring
  • Simple dashboard for overall fleet performance monitoring

Safer and economical fleet operations

  • Two key analysis focusing on eco driving and safe driving
  • Proven formula with over hundred thousand vehicle/year data
  • Customizable formula to adjust to the environmental factors of each market
  • Key data utilized are acceleration, deceleration, cornering, speeding, idling and engine RPM data
  • Analysis based on region, vehicle make and model classification and driver groups
  • Leader board and gamification
  • Driver on boarding by displaying of trip based driver score to the driver through the mobile application

Integration with digital tachographs provides you 3 key functionalities

  1. Remotely download digital tachograph vehicle and driver data periodically for compliance and past performance analysis
  2. Monitor driving states and hours of each driver in real time
  3. Keep track of remaining drivable on that day and week to better plan your routes, increase driver and truck utilization

Based on your business requirements, more data from your vehicles can be collected

  • CANBUS integration on passenger and light commercial vehicles as well as trucks and busses.
  • Door sensor
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Driver identification card readers
  • Tractor – Trailer coupling identifier
  • Trailer ABS data collector
  • Remote immobilizer control for theft prevention
  • In cab tablet for navigation, dispatching and messaging with driver



Plan routes according to demand, available assets as well as driving hours available.
Maximize fleet usage, minimize fleet’s total cost of ownership and operation.

Monitor fuel consumption and optimize it using driving behavior.

Increase safety and compliance.


Plan and optimize multimodal distribution of goods.

Provide visibility to the stakeholders from order to delivery.

Monitor and measure KPIs, evaluate driver performance.

Asses fleet utilization and fleet type for the best performance with minimum possible asset investment.

Cold Chain

Integrated temperature monitoring both on distribution centers, depots as well as trucks ensuring the chain is not broken until delivery to customer depot.

Exception based monitoring with minimum and maximum temperature limits by good type on each trip.

If dispatching is also done on our platform, the system will alert on exceptions only during active transport modes only.


Admin side configurable templates to define job steps (loading, unloading, controlling, etc..)within each dispatch job to provide full visibility on the processes.

Planned vs. realized comparison, real time ETA collection from the field

Event logging and optional notifications

Proof of delivery and pickup

Barcode and QR code reading

Two way messaging between the driver and dispatch center


Fleet management and telematics are the core pillars of any mobility service. Without effectively managing the lifecycle of fleet most business models will not prosper regardless of consumer acceptanc

Improve operations and lower costs

Increase visibility and compliance

Increase customer satisfaction


Monitor through web and mobile applications.

Set of standard APIs for integration with 3rd party systems.

Reliable infrastructure, hosting on 3 global locations.

Redundant and secure system with periodical security and penetration testing.

14 years of experience on serving thousands of clients across verticals.

Installation and after sales support through network of service stations.