Mobility Solution
Sets Catered For Your Audience

Don’t miss the Mobility Revolution.

Start today to disrupt and extend your reach.

We can assist you to mix and match various mobility services required to revise and empower your business model within your specific industry.


It is clear that remaining as a hardware manufacturer only carries serious risks.

New generation is not keen on investing large sums on a vehicle that they rarely use.

Ownership to pay per use, cost of ownership to cost per mile transitions are happening faster than some can adopt. Changing course, even slightly, on a big ship takes time.

You need to revise your business model according to these realities and expand from hardware to service. We have the tools, expertise and proven solutions to assist you.

Car Sharing

• Capture on demand
• Provide flexibility
• Let more people experience your brand
• Be the preferred brand of the new generation

Connected Car

• Improve your customers’ experience
• Take your spot on your customer’s mobile
• Increase after sales revenues

Fleet Management

• Differentiate your offer to fleet customers
• Extend the visibility of your brand
• Gain permanent access to the fleet managers

Rental Companies

Traditional rental business model will diminish in appeal due to rigid pricing structure, lost time on check in and check outs and lack of integration with other modes of transport.

New mobility models usually take time to implement and operations might be more cumbersome than it appears. Our rental solutions power one of the largest single city car sharing deployments in one of the most complicated cities. We can help you to add new mobility solutions to your portfolio, scale and operate efficiently.

Car Sharing

• Increase offering and revenue
• Humanless checkin and checkout
• Improve customer experience
• Collect granular customer behavior data

Fleet Management

• Secure your fleet
• Decrease the cost of fleet lifecycle
• Differentiate fleet leasing products
• Access customer’s fleet manager


Statistically 20% of overland passenger miles are spent on commute, another 9% on intraday corporate mobility. Traditional fleet operations are changing rapidly and you need to adapt. Employees will also demand more flexible and modern resources of mobility.

We provide solutions both for commute and intraday mobility requirements letting corporations manage all through a single platform to minimize the cost per mile, increase employee experience, analyze data and reassess their mobility resource pool.

Car Sharing

• Automated car pool
• Lower cost per mile
• Increase vehicle utilization
• Improve the experience

Fleet Management

• Lower total cost of fleet ownership
• Improve visibility
• Increase security
• Enable cross functional usage

Ride Sharing

• Provide commute shuttle service
• Pool intraday mobility requests to reduce cost
• Make time spent on corporate mobility more productive
• Improve employee retention

Mobility Service Providers and Operators

Whether private or public all mobility providers are trying to adapt to the seismic shift happening in mobility.

In addition to having agile and flexible solutions on time in the market, not to create silos, you need your solutions to be interoperable.

We make sure that your go to market time, even with customized solutions is a few months, and each solution will be able to share data and interoperate with your remaining mobility solutions.

Car Sharing

• Increase offering and revenue
• Humanless checkin and checkout
• Improve customer experience
• Collect granular customer behavior data

Ride Sharing

• Provide economical mobility alternative
• Point to point transfers
• Extend reach to less dense areas
• Airport transfers, commute solutions

First Mile Last Mile

• Increase reach of your network
• Include rural areas
• Complete the service of fix line operators
• Increase the utilization of shared fleet during off peak hours